Located on the Costa Brava, specifically in the tourist city of Playa d’Aro, we offer an exclusive maintenance service for farms, apartments and businesses.

Khane Design takes care of the necessary maintenance, repair or reforms. Performing them preferably in low season so that the property is in optimal condition.


Many apartments and houses in the coastal area are used exclusively in season. The house is usually left empty, which means that several unpleasant events can occur. Floods, third party damage, even occupation among others, can be a headache. You may want to take advantage of the time when the house is empty to make small arrangements or partial or total reforms, at Khane Design we take care of everything, so that the following summer, you will find your property in perfect condition.

Tourist rental and community of neighbors

And not only private homes we take care of, if you want to have a fast and effective service in a neighborhood community or in a tourist rental apartment you can count on our professionals for the repairs, renovations and maintenance of all of them.

Hotels and businesses

Finally, and along the same lines, we can offer our services for the maintenance of hotels, restaurants, commercial premises or businesses of all kinds. Do not hesitate to contact us with doubts and questions about this service.