Renovations and construction

From mounting a bookcase or installing a LED light, to an integral reform of an entire home.

In the world of construction there are infinite details, steps and objectives. To say that we do it all would be pretentious. But that does not mean that at Khane Design we work on a large number of construction and renovation processes.

That is why we have technicians in many sectors; painters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and a long etc. Trying whenever possible, to add new professionals to our company, in order to offer a greater range of our own services.

Khane Design Reformas e Interiorismo

Home renovation

We offer two types of budgets, depending on the client’s needs



two budget lines that differ in finishes, materials and in the entire project itself.

Ensuring quality and excellence in both lines, a Premium reform implies a greater number of hours, resources and specialists than perhaps a Basic project would not be necessary.

What renovation and construction services do we offer?

Home renovation


Do you want to renovate your house completely? Do you feel how the years have passed and your house feels out of date? Or maybe you just want to renovate the bathroom, with a modern and personalized style? A head-to-toe renovation, or a simple touch up here and there, at Khane Design we will make it happen.


A commercial premises can be of many types and areas. Therefore, the first is a study of the sector, in order to understand, and reform with better criteria. Apart from all the information that you can provide us, we will investigate on our own, to be able to keep up to date with national and international trends in the commercial sector in question.

Home renovation

Tourist apartments

On the Costa Brava there are countless homes that can be converted into an apartment dedicated to tourism. We are specialists in fast, elegant and effective reforms for this type of housing, with a budget that is as tight as possible.

Meeting delivery deadlines

We understand that many times living while doing work on the house can be very cumbersome. There can always be unexpected problems, or various setbacks, so we try to establish logical delivery times and above all, real ones.

It is worth mentioning that we give great importance to the day-to-day, therefore we are committed to having specialists on the ground, in all our projects, in order to have a reliable and updated monitoring of the progress of the reforms and works. Last, and perhaps most important, is that we always adapt to any project.

Because not everyone has the same economic potential, and not everyone has the same ideas of how their home or business should be, at Khane Design we strive to achieve a single objective:

that the project becomes what the customer wants.

Integral services

At Khane Design we offer a comprehensive renovation and interior design service. We take full care of the work process, discover the advantages of this service in the following link: